Le Moulin Joly is sensitivity, poetry and love for old and smaller things. At Laura’s workshop we found hand dyed vintage laces, buttons from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50’s, antique watches, vintage jewels, crystals, stones, japanese ribbons...All materials are chosen delicately from different parts of the world. Each collection is made by hand and exclusively by Laura. She only creates unique pieces and limited editions.

Laura Gonzalez is a graduated in Interior Design from Barcelona and Vienna. After a 10 year career as an Interior Designer in Paris and Barcelona, she decided to open her first signature jewelry workshop -in Barcelona- in 2010. Paris marked her forever becoming therefore interested in furniture and antique objects.

Laura moved her studio to Ibiza some years ago where she currently lives and works creating elegant, subtle and fresh jewellery surrounded by both the love of her family and a Mediterranean flavour.